Fundamentals of FAQ and its importance

Fundamentals of FAQ and its importance

It's the middle of the week, after many battles with the project assigned to me and my team @side Hustle Bootcamp to understand what our targeted customers want @jobinairee and start work on a FAQ document. Enjoy the ride with us as we hold your hands through the journey.

In the transaction of products and services, customers always want to know sufficient information about the products to answer purchase objections and understand products and the exigencies of using products. The more you can answer their questions, the higher their satisfaction which improves the overall customer experience of a business or brand.

One way to aid the information needs of customers about products and services is the use of FAQ an abbreviation meaning Frequently Asked Questions.

Now let's know more About FAQ FAQ "Frequently Ask Questions" is a list of questions often used in websites, articles, online forums, and email lists. These questions are used to draw out the objective or the wants of targeted customers. The purpose of a FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns however, the format is a useful means of organizing information, and text consisting of questions and their answers may thus be called a FAQ regardless of whether the questions are frequently asked.

Why is FAQ important for customer service? If your inbox is regularly full of the same questions and queries, it can become very time-consuming to reply to all customers with a response. FAQ section comes in handy and allows you to answer all your customers' regular queries at go while making it easily accessible.

Having had a clear idea of FAQ, formulating an FAQ has to be based on a well-detailed understanding of the products and services offered. The case study for my Group @sidehustle is to prepare an FAQ for Jobinairee to create a flexible job platform for Nigerians.

We researched to understand the services provided by Job sites in general and also to know the current customer pain points. The research/survey was carried out by generating questionnaires on Google Sheets and sending them out to people through social media channels, and customer feedback websites. The insights gotten from the analysis of the information served as a guide in the creation of an FAQ for Jobinairee. These FAQ features an area where customers need guidance and was created with customers' perspectives and how certain situations affect them.

With the research done it is advisable to make an FAQ accessible, searchable, constantly updated, and keep answers brief and understandable.

In conclusion, businesses and individuals involved in offering products and services should understand that customers will often have information needs that are necessary for them to gain comprehension and a reasonable tool for meeting such needs is the creation of a FAQ. That is the main objective of Jobinairee.

Below is the link to the survey taken and also to the FAQ project.

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